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Real-name authentication APP

"EZ Way"

​​Application process

In response to the announcement by the Customs Administration of Taiwan’s Ministry of Finance, since January 16, 109, before overseas parcels are imported into Taiwan, recipients should complete real-name authentication to facilitate parcel delivery.

​Let's see how to apply

When customers in Taiwan region purchase overseas goods, if the recipient is an individual, the courier company shall, in accordance with the relevant regulations of Taiwan Customs, ask the recipient to provide the "recipient's tax number" (ie ID number) so that the courier company can successfully complete the customs clearance. Moreover, before overseas parcels are imported into Taiwan, the recipient should complete real-name authentication to facilitate parcel delivery .

Real-name authentication steps:


1. Download the real-name authentication app "EZ WAY" designated by the Customs Service Department

  1. iOS download

  2. Android download


2. Click "I Agree" in "Personal Information Announcement"


4. Enter the relevant information of "Member Registration", check "SMS Authentication" and enter the ID number in the "Certificate Number" field


3. After entering the app, click "Member Registration"

5. Enter the SMS authentication code and click "Send"


6. After setting the password and other personal information, click "Send" after uploading the front and back of the certificate


7. After sending it, you will receive a successful registration certification letter in the registered mailbox with the subject of "Customs Declaration Appointment-Account Application Completed". Receipt of this letter indicates that the registration has been successful and the real-name certification has been completed. There is no need to fill in the "Customs Declaration Appointment" or "Real-Name Appointment" in the future. If a cross-border transaction is established in the future, it will meet the customs review requirements and there is no need to re-authenticate the real name.

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